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Q: How does InOutBoard Online work?
A: InOutBoard Online is a web site hosted in a secure data center. Users simply connect to the InOutBoard via the Internet. In the same way you would log on to your favorite web site, you can connect to InOutBoard, update you work status, and view the work status of your co-workers (In, Out, At Lunch, etc.). If you have a web browser and an Internet connection, you're ready to start using the InOutBoard.
Q: Exactly what features are available in InOutBoard?
A: InOutBoard provides an employee status board, the ability to set future status changes, a message center for tracking phone messages, a state-of-the-art calendar for personal or company events, resource tracking and scheduling, company news feeds, detailed time tracking reports, mobile access, and easy-to-use administration pages to setup and manage your account.
Q: I'm a manager. How can I benefit from using the InOutBoard?
A: Managers need real-time information to make decisions on resource utilization, to plan meetings, and to mobilize their workforce when needed. Managers track the work status of their employees (In, Out, At Lunch, etc.). Managers can also change the work status of their employees, thereby keeping accurate time records. In addition, managers can run detailed reports to quickly see status changes, vacation and sick time, and totals by employee, location or department. The reports are very helpful when auditing timecards and payroll.
Q: How do I change the maximum number of users I have?
A: Administrators can increase or decrease the maximum number of users at any time. Login to the and click on the Setup link. Then, click on the Payment Center and User License link. You can then edit your payment information and change the maximum number of users needed.
Q: Is my data secure?
A: Yes. Our state-of-the-art security technology ensures that your data is completely safe, which is why thousands of customers, including Fortune 500 companies, have trusted us with their customer information.
Q: How much does the InOutBoard cost?
A: Please see our price list for current InOutBoard prices.
Please see the Existing Users tab for more information on setting up the InOutBoard.