Manage, track, assign, and schedule your company resources.

Keeping track of valuable company resources is important for all businesses.

Similar to our user status board; Resources lets you find what you need by type, location, status, or who the asset is assigned to. Customize resource types, like vehicles, equipment, tools, conference rooms, or anything else you want to track. Customize the resource status codes, like "Available" or "Checked Out".

Book conference and meeting rooms with ease.

Wandering around looking for a conference room when you have a meeting scheduled, wastes time. Avoid the frustration by seeing the availability of meeting rooms and scheduling your room when you need it.

Get the details and the history.

Click on a resource to view all the details related to it. Add/edit information about the resource from the detail screen. Update the status of a resource and assign it as needed. View the status history of the resource to find out who had the asset last and when.

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