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For departments and agencies of all sizes.

Federal, State, City, County or any government entity can benefit from our experience.

Spend more time working, and less time tracking people down with our check in/check out employee status software. National and local agencies of all sizes can use our software for quick access to employee whereabouts. Local dispatchers and supervisors can update a user’s status, and quickly see how long it’s been since their last status update.

Emergency access that benefits everyone’s safety.

Unfortunately, bad things happen. Today, the safety and security of you and your co-workers is paramount to your employer. Our software allows you to see where everyone is during a crisis or emergency, send users a message to check in, and update their status appropriately. This tool can be used to communicate important information in an emergency to all users, all at once.

A web-based solution that allows connections near and far. is a telework employee’s dream come true! No more calling multiple co-workers to find out where someone in the main office is. Our status board offers customizable filters, so you can quickly see the status of your co-workers. Mobile device access allows users with an internet connection to update their work status from home, the field, another office, remote location, or on the road. You can count on easy to use navigation and display, even on the smallest screen.

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