Status Board

View all your users and their work status, return time, and comments in one spot, from anywhere. Choose your status board view: Card, People, or List.

Focus on what's important. In fact, we'll highlight it for you.

The Status Board is the "workhorse" of our InOutBoard software. Everyone, all in one place! The simple, easy-to-navigate status board that shows the user's picture, name, status, title, last update, and their anticipated return time/date.

View the Status Board your way.

The Status Board comes in three different "Views": People, List, and Card. Each view has filter and column options to customize how you want to see the Status Board.

Quickly update an employee's work status.

Simply click on another user's status and you are at the change status window. Quick, easy, simple! You can update their status, return time/date, and even create additional comments. (Administrator and Manager permissions only.)

Find user info fast!

Click any user's name to quickly see their profile info. Email address, work phone, emergency contact, etc. Location and Department are included on this screen. Administrators can quickly edit profile information and see a brief status change history on this screen.

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