Showing the details you need to manage your workforce. Project management, time history, and stats for payroll systems can be run in variety of ways.

What is your work status?

Current Status reports show you where everyone is RIGHT NOW. In case of emergency, you can run an Emergency Status report that will show you all the most recent status info for your users, including emergency contacts and phone numbers.

Reports include:

  • My Time Card Report
  • Time History Report
  • Current Status Report
  • Employee Report
  • Emergency Status Report
  • and more...

Criteria and CSV downloads.

You can select a variety of criteria to show on each report. Users, locations, status codes, start/end dates, etc. All reports can be exported as CSV files to spreadsheet and payroll programs. Employee level users can only run reports on themselves. Managers and Administrators can run reports on their users as well.

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